License Progression & Scoring Systems

Safety Rating

Safety Rating (SR) is a value assigned to all racers as a measure of the driver’s overall safety record. It is calculated using a formula that takes into account the number of corners a driver completes, the number of incident points they accumulate, their starting license class and SR, and their past performance. These factors are averaged over a set number of laps and updated as each new Official Ranked session is finished.
SR is a personal and grand total value. Each event completed is added to your own personal SR history. Each driver’s SR, and any adjustments incurred after an event, are independent of adjustments to any other drivers in the event.

See Section “3.7. Safety Rating” in the iRacing Sporting Code for more details.


iRating (iR) is a measure of racing skill and proficiency and exists to ensure competitive racing and championships by maximizing the chances that similarly skilled drivers compete against one another. iR is also used to gauge the level of difficulty of a given race, influencing the calculation of Championship Points to be awarded for each finishing position based on the strength of the field. The higher the degree of difficulty, the more points are available to each driver in the race.
iR adjustments after each Ranked event are based solely on the iRatings of the drivers in the same split. Drivers with a comparatively very high iR in a split may have a tougher time earning additional iR from the event, since they are heavily contributing to the total Strength of Field. Similarly, drivers with a comparatively very low iR in a split may earn additional iR more easily from the event, since they are not heavily contributing to the Strength of Field.

See Section “4.1. iRating” in the iRacing Sporting Code for more details.

Championship Points

Championship Points are scored in Ranked Series Races. Races are valued by the Strength of Field (SOF), which is based on the iRatings of the drivers in the field for the event. The higher the SOF, the more Championship Points are available for each finishing position. The larger the field, the smaller the difference in Championship Points awarded for each finishing position.
A driver’s Race Week Championship Points are calculated by averaging together the top 25% (rounded up to the next whole number) of a driver’s race performances (based on Championship Points scored).
A driver’s Season Championship Points are calculated by totaling the highest 8 Race Week Championship Point values.

See Section “5.6.1. Race Points” in the iRacing Sporting Code for more details.