Register a Team to an Event

To register a team to an event, find an Official Session or User-Created Session that is set up to allow team racing. The registration process is identical to solo events, until you reach the Team Registration step. From here, using a dropdown menu, you can select which of your teams to register to the Session. You may register any team of which you are a member, you do not need to be the owner of the team. Once a team is selected, you must declare which drivers will be taking part in the event by selecting them in the Add a Driver menu.  Once you have chosen the team and declared the drivers you wish to register, click the Register Team button to complete the process.


Join Your Team in an Event

Any Sessions for which a team is registered can be found in the Sessions view of that team’s modal window. You may register as a driver for that team using this view.

For example, someone on one of your teams has registered the team for an event this evening. You can go to the Teams page of the iRacing UI and click on that team to open it’s modal window. Then, click on the “Sessions” button at the top middle to change to the Sessions view and see all Sessions for which this team is currently registered. As long as you’re eligible to join the Session, there will be a “Register” button to join your team for that event.




How to Spot

Spotting for your team is easy! Simply register to a session with your team; once you’ve launched the sim, you’ll have the option to spot for whomever is driving the team car.